Saturday, November 10, 2012

C4K October Summary

For my first October C4K I was assigned Lauren from Mr. Mike Gwaltney's 11th grade U.S. History Research Seminar. The blog can be seen by clicking here. Lauren's post was about interviewing people. She begins her post by talking a lot about how the task seems daunting and she is nervous. The title of the post is "Interviews Vs. Conversations". As she progresses with her post she talks about getting prepared for her interview. She concludes by saying that she chose to do her interview in an informal setting; she sits side by side with her interviewee. She says this allows her to gain information more easily and the "information that was uncovered was much more compelling and sounds exponentially more sincere; less rehearsed".

In my comment to Lauren I agreed with her method. I told her briefly about having to do an interview as a freshman in college. I also chose to do an informal, sitting side by side, atmosphere. I thanked her for her post and told her she did a good job.

For my second C4K in October I was assigned W.J. from Danielle Spencer's blog. His post can be seen here. The title of his section is "Welcome to Alberta". For his post W.J. embedded an Animoto photo slideshow. It included pictures of his friends, a wordle he created, and pictures of Alberta. He also had music playing through out the show.

In my comment to him I wrote:
W.J., I really liked your Animoto photo slideshow! Alberta looks beautiful. I have never been to Canada, but I would really like to visit one day. I live in the United States in Alabama. Did you choose the music for your Animoto? I liked it! Thanks for sharing. -Kathryn

For my final C4K assignment I read Ty H's Blog. It was a post where he told the story of a football game he had played in. It sounded like a great game; his team won 105 to 0! He was able to recall the game in great detail and was obviously proud of their wonderful win.

In my comment to Ty I said:
Ty, This was a very interesting blog post. My brother played football all the way through high school and reading your post was like watching him from the stands again. It sounds like you are on a very good football team; good job to you all for ranking 9th in the country! I was impressed by your ability to recall this game so clearly as I am sure you have played many games in your life. Are you planning on playing football next season? Thank you for sharing your story! -Kathryn

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