Sunday, November 25, 2012

C4K November Summary

For my first C4K assignment I read a great post by Madison from Robertsdale High School. Her blog can be seen here. Her post was based of of a question: In a battle between modern Marines and Romans, who would win? She discussed practices of Romans that were intended to make their children stronger, including leaving their children in the wilderness to see who would survive. She concluded by saying that she believes the Marines would win in the battle because of modern weaponry. I believe she is correct.

In my comment to her I wrote:
Madison, This was such an interesting post! I remember when I found out that Romans would abandon their children if they were considered not strong enough; I was shocked! Could you imagine abandoning a child in the wilderness to let them die?! Rome was definitely a hard civilization to be a part of, but that is why they reigned for so long. I also think that the Marines would win in a battle with the Romans. It does come down to a matter of technology. However, if we took away that technology and made the Marines use the same weapons as the Romans, who do you think would win? Thank you for writing such a though provoking post! -Kathryn

For my second C4K assignment I watched a video from Ms. Nelson and Ms. Yim's blog at Daphne East Elementary. Their blog can be seen here. In this blog they posted four different videos. The video I watched was about their trip to the state capitol in Montgomery. They showed us various parts of the capitol including the stair case and the 3D painted ceiling. At the end we see that they got to meet governor Bentley.

In my comment to the students I said:
What a great post! I watched the video where you all talked about the state capitol. I took this same field trip when I was in fourth grade at Fairhope Elementary. It is so cool that you all get to use iPads to capture memories from this trip! When I took this trip we didn't even have digital cameras (can you believe that?). Did you all enjoy meeing governor Bentley? Thank you for sharing your experience! -Kathryn

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