Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project #10- Progress report on my PLN

For my PLN I chose Symbaloo. I liked the layout of Symbaloo; it reminds me of my smart phone, with buttons I can push that take me to the application I am trying to access. I haven't used my Symbaloo as much as I should. I think it's mainly because I don't have it on my smart phone. I heard a while back that they laptop is being phased out. Since using my smart phone and then being introduced to a PLN I can see how that may be the case. Right now, since I always have my smart phone on me, I have downloaded apps that link me to the sites or information I want to know. I set up my Symbaloo to be my home page on my laptop so that I can use it more frequently. At the moment I have sites such as facebook and twitter on there as well as news sites that I frequently visit. I also linked my two email accounts along with several other sites. My Symbaloo can be viewed here.

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