Sunday, October 7, 2012

C4K September Summary

1. For my first C4K I was assigned Anthony Capps Blog. Mr. Capps blog post was a summary of an assignment his students had done. They all wrote a sentence or two about a story they had read. In my comment I told Mr. Capps I enjoyed reading all the different responses from the students. I also stated that I thought he did a nice job with his opening statement explaining to those reading what it was they were looking at. I also thought it was nice that he encouraged the parents to give their child a "pat on the back" if they posted. I concluded by saying that you could get a feel for the students' understanding of the story and complimented him on doing an excellent post.

2. For my second C4K I was assigned John from Mrs. Kreb's 7th grade class. The blog can be seen here: John's Blog Post. In his post John had a large picture of what looks to be seeds. His post is focused on a link to a website with a quiz where you can answer questions to identify different trees in Iowa. I followed the link and played around with the quiz a few times. In my comment to John I noted that the quiz asked a lot of questions about the details of the leaves. I thanked John for thanked him for letting me read his blog and told him I might use the quiz to see if I can identify any trees in my area.

3. For my third C4K I was assigned Austin from Mrs. Dunlop's 4th grade class. Austin wrote a wonderful post about playing football in the leaves. In my comment to him I told him that I really enjoyed reading his post. I also told him he did a wonderful job creating the image of the environment; I could feel the cool air and smell the autumn leaves. I concluded my comment by telling Austin that I have a son who is one year old. I hope to one day play football in the leaves with him like Austin does. It sounds like fun!

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