Friday, December 7, 2012

Project #13

My group consisted of, Brelyn Searcy, Jessica La Force, Ashley Franklin and Kathryn Reynolds. For Projects #15 and #16, we used Face time (Apple products) and Skype. These were the most convenient in terms of communicating with each other. We used these tools to set up times to meet as well as discuss what our project would consist of. These technologies allowed us to meet face to face, in a sense, without actually having to arrange several times that we could all meet at the University. We used Google Drive/Docs to share any documents or websites we thought would be helpful for our project. Because Project #16 was a little more extensive we had to communicate more frequently; we communicated through Google drive and Skype but we also used email. With Skype we could have video call conferences and all talk together. Having five people in your group is difficult. It was often a challenge to find a time that we could all get together and record. Our video "How to Survive EDM310" consisted of rules to follow in order to pass this class. In our first podcast we accidentally assigned two people the same topic (chapter) to discuss, because of this we made sure to go over what each of us would discuss ahead of time so that there was no overlap. By communicating with each other in the weeks prior to the projects due date, we were adequately prepared for recording. Our group was very good at communicating. We always made sure everyone knew ahead of time when our scheduled meeting times were and what we would be doing during that meeting time. I believe that is why our group got along as well as it did. Not only did we have a good time but we were able to work quickly and efficiently due to proper preparation.

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