Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog Post #5

The iSchool Initiative
Travis Allen was a 17 year old when he posted a video on youtube talking about revolutionizing the American school system. He talks about using the iTouch in the classroom to basically eliminate the need for any paper product ranging from books to sheets of paper. He goes into how using the iTouch allows students, parents and teachers to all be involved and able to reach each other at any time. He also goes a little bit into reducing school's carbon footprint as well as mentioning the savings per student if schools choose to switch the the iTouch method of teaching.

I found Travis' video to be very interesting. I agree with what he is saying. As our world moves faster and faster with technology, the school system is left behind. I have never known life without technology and I still find myself hesitant to use certain machines or programs. I think that Travis does an excellent job making his point by giving examples of apps that could be used in the classroom. I also think it is a good point to make about the carbon footprint as well as the money per student that would be saved.

Eric Whitacer's Virtual Choir
This video brings up two responses from me. In this video we see 185 people all coming together through the internet. They all have never met or rehearsed the song "Lux Aurumuque" together. My initial response is that this is an amazing thing. Here bridges are being crossed without people ever having to leave their home. They can become part of a choir with other people from around the world.
However, what about human contact? I think that this is an amazing thing, that we can have contact with people around the world and never have to leave our home. I also think this is a worrisome thing. Sometimes I worry that we are becoming less interactive with people in a face to face manner and more through virtual interface. So although I am initially impressed with an idea such as this choir, I also wonder what we are losing in the process.

Flipping the Classroom
I really like the ideas proposed in the videos by Dr. Lodge and Katie Gimbar. Being able to reach children outside of class, so that time spent in class can be used more effectively is a great idea. This is a great way to get all students engaged in classroom learning and, as stated in the video, it allows those who need help to come prepared with questions and those who are ready to continue on can do so as well. I would love to use this in my future classroom. I think this allows teachers to be better educators for the class as a whole as opposed to reaching just a few students.


  1. Hello Kathryn, my name is Jazmin, and I just recently read your post. Your blog post was finished and submitted on time. The best section I enjoyed was about “Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir”. This truly is an amazing choir, and yet alone the sound was astounding. There are some things however I would like to point out to you about your post. First, some of your post was hard to follow because lack of detail. As an example, “He also goes a little bit into reducing school's carbon footprint, as well as mentioning the savings per student if schools choose to switch the iTouch method of teaching”, what does carbon footprint represent? If you include a little detail on what exactly a carbon foot print is, the reader can follow your point better in the begging and the end when you mention it. Also in your last section, on “Flipping the Classroom”, you need to provide more facts on what title means. You did not present the ideas that you mentioned Dr. Lodge and Katie Gimbar proposed. How exactly did Dr. Lodge and Katie expand learning outside of the classroom? Or, what is “Flipping the Classroom”? Next, with your sentence structure, watch out for choppy or run-on sentences. Some of your sentences are cut too short, “I found Travis' video to be very interesting. I agree with what he is saying”, these two sentences can be conjoined. Look for punctuation errors, in your sentences, that could lead to run-on's. Last, do not forget that each blog requires a picture. Thanks for providing a good post! If you need to contact me with any questions or comments email me.

  2. Kathryn,
    I thought your commentary on Travis Allen's iSchool Initiative was very good! I especially liked that you mentioned both the pros and cons of the Virtual Choir Video. It is a worry of mine as well what will become of human contact if we place so much emphasis on technology! I agree with Jazmin though! Don't forget to include photos, and maybe proof read a bit more!
    The overall quality of your writing was great though!